College Funding Strategies

With the continuously rising cost of college tuition how will you help your children afford a college degree?

Besides your home, your child’s college education could well be the most significant investment you ever make. Where will you find the funds?

At Northeast Financial Group, we can help map out financing solutions that will help you, help your child. Among the various options we can help you consider and pursue are:

  • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships
    • Student Loans
    • Grants
  • Savings & Income Insurance
    • 529 Plans* & Coverdell ESAs
    • Savings Bonds
    • UTMA/UGMA Custodial Accounts
    • Mutual Funds & Stocks

Contact us today to find out more about our college funding strategies. When it comes to your child’s future, it’s never too late – start planning now.

*529 Plans are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principle. Before investing, carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, limitations, charges and expenses of the product and its underlying investment options. This information can be found in the product and investment option official statement offering disclosure. Official statement offering disclosures can be obtained by calling our office. Please read carefully before investing.